Tank gauging
Tank Side Monitor NRF590

Tank Side Monitor NRF590 ©Endress+Hauser
Tank Side Monitor NRF590 ©Endress+Hauser
Tank Side Monitor NRF590 application ©Endress+Hauser
Tank Side Monitor NRF590 application ©Endress+Hauser

Field gateway for tank sensor operation and monitoring and integration into inventory control system

The Tank Side Monitor NRF590 is a sensor integration and monitoring unit for bulk storage tank gauging applications. It can be used with Micropilot radar or Proservo level gauges and can be combined with other HART compatible devices to communicate tank sensor data to a control host. Various selectable alarms and outputs.

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  • Voordelen

    • Intrinsically safe power supply and communication for Micropilot and Levelflex radar level devices

    • Connects up to 6 HART devices via intrinsically safe 2 wire, for example Prothermo, for average temperature measurement and Cerabar/Deltabar for HTMS...

  • Toepassingsgebied

    For intrinsically safe (i.s.) power supply of the connected devices. Parameterization of the connected devices and display of the measured values. Tank calculations for accurate correction of the tank distortions. Weights & Measure-approved for use in...

Kenmerken en specificaties



  • Meetprincipe

    Level radar

  • Characteristic / Application

    Field gateway for tank sensor operation and monitoring and integration into inventory control system;
    Power supply and signal converter for FMR5xx

  • Specialities

    Hydrostatic Tank Gauging (HTG)

  • Supply / Communication

    AC: 55...264 VAC

  • Ambient temperature




    For calibration to regulatory



  • Communication


    Fieldbus: Modbus RS485, V1, WM550, L&J, Mark Space, Enraf BPM, GPE, HART Analog 4-20mA (Exi/Exd),
    Relay (Exd/Exi)
    Discrete output Exd/Exi)


    Analog 4-20mA(Exd),

    2-, 3-, 4-wire RTD,

    Discrete input (Exd/Exi passive/active)

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Metrological approvals and certificates

    OIML, NMi, PTB

  • Options

    Weather protection cover

    mounting kit pipe

Documenten / handleidingen / software

Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52012952

      Cover T16"Z" Alu, window, gasket

      Material: aluminium. Window, operating/display module. O-ring 123.42x3.53 NBR/PFE. Usage: NRF590.

  • 25
    • Nr 25 Order code 52012954

      Deksel F22 Allu, pakking

      Materiaal: Aluminium. O-ring 113.9x3.53 NBR. Terminal compartment EEx i.

  • 26
    • Nr 26 Order code 52012953

      Cover T16"Z" Alu, gasket

      Material: aluminium. O-ring 113.9x3.53 NBR. Usage: terminal compartment EEx d.

  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
    • Nr 36 Order code 52018673

      PC board NRF590, terminal TIIS Ex d

      Cover plate + screws.

    • Nr 36 Order code 52018674

      PC board NRF590, terminal EEx d, V.2

      Afdekplaat + schroeven. Ter goedkeuring A - Niet-gevaarlijk gebied, 6 - ATEX II 2 (1) EEx d (ia) IIC T4, S - FM XP Cl.I, Div.1, Gr.A-D, U - CSA XP Cl.I, Div.1, Gr.A-D.

  • 37
    • Nr 37 Order code 52012985

      Terminal set NRF590

      Bestaat uit: 4x klemmenblok 4-polig, blauw. 3x klemmenblok 4-polig, groen. 1x klemmenblok 2-polig, groen. 1x klemmenblok 5-polig, groen. Gebruik: NRF590.

  • 30
    • Nr 30 Order code NRF590X-

      PC boards NRF590

      Set boards bestaande uit: moederboard en communicatie board. Deze boards zijn gekoppeld aan elkaar en moeten altijd tegelijk vervangen worden.

  • 41
    • Nr 41 Order code 52012998

      Holder, display + I/O-module NRF590

      Bestaat uit: Houder display. Houder I/O-module. Afdekplaat elektronica. Bevestigingsschroeven. Gebruik: NRF590.

  • 32
    • Nr 32 Order code 52012997

      Isolation plate NRF590, 2 pieces

      Isolation, IS board/power supply board / power supply board/comm. board. Usage: NRF590.

  • 40
  • 15
    • Nr 15 Order code 52012992

      Cable gland PA, M25, 2 pieces

      Material: plastics. M25x1.5, 13-18mm. Plug. Usage: terminal compartment intr. Safe, NRF590.

    • Nr 15 Order code 52012993

      Blind plug, Alu, NPT3/4, 4 pieces

      Material: aluminium. Usage: cable entry NPT3/4, NRF590.

    • Nr 15 Order code 52012994

      Blind plug, Alu, NPT1/2, 4 pieces

      Material: aluminium. Usage: cable entry NPT1/2.

    • Nr 15 Order code 52012995

      Blind plug, St/Zn, G1/2, 4 pieces

      Material: steel, zinc-coated. O-ring 17.0x2.5 NBR, 4 pieces. Usage: cable entry G1/2.

    • Nr 15 Order code 52012996

      Blind plug, St/Zn, M20, 2 pieces

      Material: steel, zinc-coated. O-ring 17.0x2.5 NBR, 2 pieces. Usage: cable entry M20, Ex d.

  • 65
    • Nr 65 Order code 52013142

      Sealing kit NRF590

      Consists of: 2x O-ring 113.9x3.53 NBR. 1x O-ring 123.42x3.53 NBR.

    • Order code 71007843

      ToF Adapter FXA291

      Gebruik: aansluiting Micropilot M, Micropilot S, Levelflex M, Prosonic M, Tank Side Monitor, Deltabar S, Cerabar S, Gammapilot M, Micropilot I, Commubox FXA291.

    • Order code 71000221

      Adapterk. FMR2xx,FMx4x,PMx7x,FMD7x,FMG60

      Verbinding RS232(52013675)/ ToF adapter FXA291 (71007843). Gebruik: FMG60, FMD77/FMD78, FMR230/ FMR231, FMR240/FMR244/FMR245, FMR250, FMU40/FMU41/FMU42/FMU43/FMU44, NRF590, PMC71, PMD75, PMP71/PMP75.

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