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Electromechanical level measurement

Electromechanical level measurement

Continuous level measurement in bulk solids

Old seafarers used a weight on a rope to test the depth of the bottom of the sea. In industrial level measurement, the basic idea of sounding is still utilized in the electromechanical system. Applications involving bulk solids often use electromechanical level measurements. The price-effective devices offer safe measurements in extremely dusty environments. Check out the range of Silopilot products for electromechanical measurement applications and click on the button below.

Electromechanical level measurement

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Electromechanical level systems measure the level in bins or silos with dusty, fine-grained or coarse-grained bulk solids in tanks by using a sensing weight. Due to the fully electronic digital minimum fail-safe control there is no running down of the sensor weight into the silo outlet and no risk to the conveying systems. Silopilot is often used in applications with cereals, plastic granulate, powder.

Electromechanical measurement: Measuring Principle

A weight is lowered on a measuring tape. As it meets the surface of the bulk solids, the tensile force of the weight is reduced. This change is recognized, the instrument reverses the sense of rotation of the motor and rewinds the tape. A pulse generator counts the rotations in a non-contact manner as the weight is lowered. Each counted pulse corresponds to an exactly defined distance. If this distance is deducted from the overall distance (height of the vessel), the level results.


  • Unaffected by medium properties

  • Unaffected by dc value

  • Proven and reliable measurement


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