Point level detection
Liquiphant FTL70

Liquiphant FTL70 ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiphant FTL70 application ©Endress+Hauser

Vibronic measuring principle

Liquiphant with permanent function check is the safe choice for point level detection in liquids

Point level switch for liquids in 
high-temperature applications

Liquiphant FT70 is a point level switch for use in hazardous areas with all international certificates. FTL70 is especially designed for applications with high process temperatures up to 280°C and can be used for Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL2, in homogeneous redundancy up to SIL3. An integrated second line of defense offers the highest degree of safety. Reliable measurement values, not affected by: changing media properties, flow, turbulences, gas bubbles, foam, vibrations or build-up.

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  • Voordelen

    • Use in safety systems requiring functional safety to SIL2 in accordance with
      IEC 61508/IEC 61511-1

    • With welded gas tight feedthrough maximum safety in the event of damaged sensor

    • Wide variety of electronics, e.g. NAMUR, relay, thyristor, PFM signal...

  • Toepassingsgebied

    Point level switch for all liquids.

    • Process connections: Threads and flanges

    • Temperature: -60 to +280°C (-76 to +540°F)

    • Pressure: -1 to +100bar (-14.5 to +1,450psi)

    • Sensor material: 316L, Alloy (PFA and Enamel on request)

    • International explosion...

Kenmerken en specificaties



  • Meetprincipe

    Vibration Liquids

  • Characteristic / Application

    Modular housing concept
    High process temperatures up to 280°C
    wide range of process connections
    Analogue and bus interfaces
    Extensive certificate range (e.g. Ex,WHG)
    compact, e.g. pipes
    Dual Sealing / Second line of defense

  • Specialities

    Detect a densitychange
    second line of defense

  • Supply / Communication

    19...253V AC
    10...55V DC-PNP
    19...253V AC bzw 10...55V DC
    8/16mA, 11...36V DC

  • Ambient temperature

    -50 °C...+70 °C
    (-58 °F...+158 °F)

  • Process temperature

    -60 °C...+280 °C
    (-76 °F...+540 °F,
    (300°C / 572 °F 50h, cumulated

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Vacuum...100 bar
    (Vacuum...1450 psi)

  • Main wetted parts

    316L / Alloy
    PFA and Enamel on request

  • Process connection


    G3/4A, G1A, R3/4", R1, NPT3/4, NPT1


    DIN DN25...DN100,

    ASME 1"...4",

    JIS 25A...100A

  • Sensor length

    65mm (2.56")

  • Communication

    19...253V AC
    10...55V DC-PNP
    19...253V AC bzw 10...55V DC
    8/16mA, 11...36V DC

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Safety approvals

    Overfill prevention WHG


  • Design approvals

    EN 10204-3.1

    NACE MR0175, MR0103

    ASME B31.3


  • Marine approval

    GL/ ABS

  • Options

    Heavy duty stainless steel housing mainly for the oil and gas industry

  • Components

    FTL325P/FTL375P Interface PFM
    FTL325N/FTL375N Interface NAMUR

Documenten / handleidingen / software

Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52002698

      Deksel voor alu. F13 behuizing

      Alu deksel met O-ring EPDM voor F13 huis

    • Nr 20 Order code 52002699

      Deksel voor alu. F17 behuizing

      Met EPDM O-ring t.b.v. aluminium F17 behuizing

    • Nr 20 Order code 52006903

      Cover T13 Alu, gasket EPDM

      O-ring EPDM. Gebruik: Behuizing T13 Aluminium.

    • Nr 20 Order code 52025606

      Deksel F16, grijs, PBTP, incl. O-ring

      Pakking EPDM. Gebruik: behuizing F16 Polyester, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FMU30, FTI51/FTI52/ FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL51/FTL51C/ FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTW31/FTW32.

    • Nr 20 Order code 52025790

      Deksel F16 transparant met afdichting

      Gasket EPDM. Usage: housing F16 Polyester.

    • Nr 20 Order code 71114754

      Cover F27 316L, gasket EPDM

      Material: 316L. O-ring 70.0x3.0 EPDM. Usage: stainless steel housing F27, FTL50/FTL51/FTL51C, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85.

  • 12
    • Nr 12 Order code 52004236

      FTL7X bevestigingset voor behuizing

      bestaande uit: veiligheidsring SS304 adapter ring PPA

  • 21
  • 25
    • Nr 25 Order code 52007103

      Cover T13 "Terminal" Alu, gasket EPDM

      O-ring EPDM. Gebruik: Terminal compartiment, Behuizing T13 Aluminium.

  • 30
    • Nr 30 Order code 52002304

      Electronics FEL51 19-253VAC

      voor LIQUIPHANT M 2 draads: 19....253V AC

    • Nr 30 Order code 52002305

      Electronics FEL52 10-55VDC-PNP

      voor LIQUIPHANT M 3 draads: PNP 10....55V DC

    • Nr 30 Order code 52002306

      FTL5x FEL54

      voor LIQUIPHANT M Relais DPDT 19...253V AC, 19...55V DC

    • Nr 30 Order code 52002307

      FTL5x FEL55

      voor LIQUIPHANT M 2 draads 4...20mA, 11...36V DC

    • Nr 30 Order code 52002308

      FTL5x FEL56

      Niveauschakelaar 2-draads. Hardwareversie 01.01. Softwareversie 01.00.01. Gebruik: FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71.

    • Nr 30 Order code 52002309

      FTL5x FEL57

      voor LIQUIPHANT M 2 draads, PFM

    • Nr 30 Order code 52006454

      FTL5X FEL58

      Level switch 2-wire + push button. Hardware version 01.02. Software version 01.00.01. Usage: Liquiphant M/S (HT).

    • Nr 30 Order code 71074953

      Electronica FEL50A,PA,HW02.00,SW01.03.00

      PROFIBUS PA. Hardware versie 02.00. Software versie 01.03.00. 12,5mA+/-1,0mA. Liquiphant M/S (HT).

    • Order code 71127760

      Zonnekap/beschermkap F16 behuizing

      Usage: FDR56, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FQR56, FTI51/FTI52/FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTM20/FTM21, FTM50/FTM51/FTM52, FTR20, FTW31/FTW32/FTW33.

    • Order code 71040497

      Weerbestendige deksel F13/F17/F18/F27

      Gebruik: FMI51/FMI52, FTI51/FTI52/FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTM20/FTM21, FTM50/FTM51/FTM52.

    • Order code 71067434

      Modificatietypeplaat, non Ex

      Blanco. Te voorzien van een nieuwe typecodering wanneer een non Ex instrument gemodificeerd is.