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Point level detection
Liquipoint FTW32

Liquipoint FTW32 ©Endress+Hauser

Rope probe for multipoint detection for up to 
5 switch points

The Liquipoint FTW32 offers simple and safe point level detection in conductive liquids. It offers numerous measuring possibilities due to multipoint detection (up to 5 rods).

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  • Voordelen

    • Cost-effective probe for conductive liquids with detection of up to five point levels with one probe

    • No calibration required

    • Standard setting for the most common conductive liquids

    • No moving parts in the tank - long service life, reliable operation with...

  • Toepassingsgebied

    For use in conductive liquids (as of 10μS/cm). For overfill prevention, dry running protection,
    two-point control of pumps or multiple point detection.

    • Process connections: Threads

    • Sensor length: 0.25 to 15m (10 to 590")

    • Temperature: -40 to 70°C (-40...

Kenmerken en specificaties



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  • Characteristic / Application

    Compact rope probe with multi point detection possible up to 5 switch points. Simple rope shortening possible

  • Supply / Communication

    DC PNP 10,8V ... 45V
    Relay 20V ... 230V AC
    Relay 20V ... 55V DC

  • Ambient temperature

    -40 °C ... 70 °C
    (-40 °F ... 158 °F)

  • Process temperature

    -40 °C ... 70 °C
    (-40 °F ... 158 °F)

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Vacuum ... 10 bar
    (Vacuum ... 145 psi)

  • Min. conductivity of medium

    10 µS/cm

  • Main wetted parts

    316L, FEP, PPS

  • Max. tensile strength

    500 N

  • Process connection

    G 1 1/2
    NPT1 1/2"

  • Sensor length

    0.25m ... 15m
    (10" ... 590")

  • Communication

    DC PNP

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Safety approvals

    Leakage Detection

  • Components

    Transmitter: FTW325

  • Application limits

    Observe min. medium conductivity

Documenten / handleidingen / software

Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
    • Order code

      Unit is not repairable.

    • Order code 52017268

      Deksel F24, PBT (FTW31/32), gasket

      Voor versies zonder elektronica

    • Order code 52025606

      Deksel F16, grijs, PBTP, incl. O-ring

      Pakking EPDM. Gebruik: behuizing F16 Polyester, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FMU30, FTI51/FTI52/ FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL51/FTL51C/ FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTW31/FTW32.

    • Order code 52004137

      O-ring 71.0x3.55 EPDM, 5 stuks

      5 x O-ring 71.0x3.55 EPDM

    • Order code 52017271


      Usage: point level switch, conductive, FTW31/FTW32. Output PNP 10.8-45VDC.

    • Order code 52017272

      Electronica FEW54 t.b.v. FTW31

      Schakelversterker voor liquipoint-T relay output 20...253VAC, 20...55VDC

    • Order code 52017273

      Electronics FEW58

      Usage: point level switch, conductive, FTW31/FTW32. Output NAMUR.

    • Order code 52026734


      Liquipoint T

    • Order code 52017269

      Gewicht FTW32, SS, 3 st.

      Material: 316L. Usage: FTW32.

    • Order code 71127760

      Zonnekap/beschermkap F16 behuizing

      Usage: FDR56, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FQR56, FTI51/FTI52/FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTM20/FTM21, FTM50/FTM51/FTM52, FTR20, FTW31/FTW32/FTW33.

  • 57
    • Nr 57 Order code 52014047

      Sealing ring G1-1/2, 48x55 FA, 5 pcs.

      Procesafdichting DIN7603-A. Gebruik: procesaansluiting, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FTI51/FTI52, FTI55, FTW31/FTW32, FMP51/FMP57, FMR60/FMR62/FMR67, Schuifbus G1-1/2 316L (52003665), 316L,3.1 (52011882), FTL51, FTL71,FTL81, AlloyC4 (52003666), FTL51, FTL71.

    • Order code 52014146

      Montage moer G1½"

      Hexagon, SW60. Gebruik: Liquipoint T, Liquicap T, Prosonic M FMU40, Prosonic T FMU30, FMR10/FMR 20. Dit betreft een product uit het E-direct portfolio met een scherpe netto prijs. Kijk voor meer informatie op www.e-direct.endress.com

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