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Methane content measurement without compromises

Overcoming the challenges of gas change composition

Fermentation processes are not always uniform. The operating conditions, which in some cases fluctuate greatly, result in different levels of methane content (CH4) in the biogas, which have to be monitored constantly. Finding an accurate mass flow measurement solution for this challenging application increases the plant efficiency and revenue stream due to increased biogas and energy production.

Measure methane content without limitations

For a biogas plant to work properly, various process parameters have to be monitored around the clock: gas composition, pressure, temperature, and above all the produced gas quantity.

Extremely variable biogas production requires a high dynamic measuring range. The variable composition and moisture load biogas as well as the issued of minimized pressure losses are aspects to be considered when selecting the next measuring principle.

Benefits of ultrasonic measurement

  • Reliable measurement - high accuracy (±1.5%) and a high operable flow range (30:1)

  • Energy saving - no pressure losses

  • Maintenance free - no moving parts

  • Space saving - short inlet and outlet runs

  • Wide range of uses - independent of the composition and moisture of a gas

  • Measurement possible even with minimum operating pressure

Preferred instrumentation

Prosonic Flow B 200 use precisely measured sound velocity and an integrated temperature sensor to simultaneously measure the methane content directly in the pipe, without the need for additional devices.

This is a worldwide one-of-a-kind feature and opens up completely new perspectives for biogas plant operators:

  • Continuous, around-the-clock monitoring of gas quantity and quality

  • Fast and targeted reaction in case of interference in the fermentation process

  • Efficient process control and energy balancing by calculating additional characteristic values such as: corrected volume; calorific value; wobbe index (indicates the quality of fuel gas)


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